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A unique piece of ready to use art created through collaboration between two studios. Handcrafted in Slovenia using raw materials and minimalist aesthetics.

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Our studio is an editable cube that can transform into a gallery, pop-up shop, studio, creative space or hangout. Every corner of our space was built to evoke emotion and invite you to a new experience. 

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We feature a collective of flexible and agile talent. That way we can be defined by our client’s needs and work on branding, marketing as well as design projects, depending on what it is you are looking for.


"We want to provide value for your business by providing value for your customers..." 



Our aim is to support different aspects of your creativity, be it art, design, photography, fashion, or other. We want you to come in freely to feel inspired and leave the studio with solutions, a fresh start, and a sense of clarity.


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