a space with limitless possibilities

studio, hangout, pop-up, events,

gallery, ______

Our studio is an editable cube that can transform into a photography studiio, art gallery, pop-up, event space, creative space or hangout. Every corner of our space was built to evoke emotion and invite you to a new experience. 


coming soon______

price list

1/2 day _____ 150 eur

Full day _____ 250 eur

*photography equipment not included.

mon - fri

9am - 6pm

Opekarska cesta 13b, Ljubljana

For all weekend or special enquiries, dates and details please contact us at


Our current opening hours are in line with the governmental guidence.

coming soon_______

coming soon_______

“A room should never allow the eye settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” 

Juan Montoya