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Our creative agency as the name suggest is .raw. A laboratory for brands ready to be moulded. We build brands, digital experiences and communities worldwide. With our unique approach through art, minimalism, quality, original thinking, we can show you the possibilities most people don’t see. We’re constantly reinventing ourselves and the brands we work with, in order to create original and innovative solutions that cut through the noise.
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A space where ideas come to life - where you enter with an unrefined, innovative mission and gather your focus into realizing it. A space where we co-create, learn, and educate. Where we advance and disrupt. Where we hang out and exchange. Achieve and surpass.
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Cool kids welcome.
Artists, designers, entrepreneurs, misfits, photographers, nerds, geeks, pixies, singers, stylists, models, unicorns… Collaborate, innovate, and work on .raw projects. Visit us at: Opekarska cesta 11, 1000, Ljubljana. Come to .raw for a little inspiration or a damn good coffee.
We look at
the BIG picture
A group of men around a tableA group of men around a table

Who are we?

We do more than transform average brands; we elevate them to something truly exceptional. We understand the nuances of branding just like a chef understands spices - and we know how to create something that's not just good but extraordinary. Our secret recipe? It's a blend of creativity, strategy, and a dash of innovation. 

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Minimal, subtle, .raw

We have a unique aesthetic approach to work and we seek clients who share our values. We have minimalism and quality at heart. We strive to be sustainable and ethical.

Why choose us? 

Because we're not satisfied with the ordinary. We're driven by a passion for turning the mundane into the magnificent. You're choosing a team that's dedicated to making your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Creative community

Join our curated community of talented individuals. A group of never still, always creating, growth hacking, searching for the next big thing, music-loving, supportive, curious, motivated doers.

Our values

Trusting Our Instincts
Exploring Emotion
Taking Risks
Deep Thinking
Actually Giving A*Fck
Crazy High Standards
Killer Design
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Rex Kralj
The Classy Issue
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