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About the project

Ljubljana University Incubator is a supportive environment for determining ideas & creating startups.

The visual identity needed to convey a sense of innovation, creativity, and professionalism, while also reflecting the nurturing and supportive nature of the incubator. Key considerations for the visual identity included striking a balance between modernity and credibility, incorporating elements that represent the university context and startup culture, and utilizing visuals that evoke a sense of growth, potential, and opportunity.

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The challenge

Balancing innovation, creativity and professionalism

Communicating innovation and creativity visually requires a departure from traditional design elements. Using bold, dynamic shapes, unconventional color schemes, and unique typography we captured the attention and imagination of the audience. Incorporating abstract or futuristic visuals also signifies a departure from the ordinary and emphasizes the innovative nature of the incubator. Balancing innovation and creativity with professionalism is essential to build trust and credibility. A clean and organized design layout, sophisticated color palette (deep blues, gray, and metallic tones), and a well-chosen font all contribute to a sense of professionalism.

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The solution

Grasping the University Context and startup culture

Striking the right balance between a modern, forward-thinking identity and one that exudes credibility can be challenging. A minimalist design approach helps achieve this balance, leveraging modern design trends while maintaining a sense of reliability. Using up-to-date design techniques also help reflect the contemporary nature of the incubator. Maintaining a consistent visual identity across various platforms is crucial for brand recognition. This includes everything from the website and social media profiles to printed materials and physical spaces. The chosen color palette, typography, and design elements are adaptable to different mediums while maintaining their impact and meaning.