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About the project

FLOAT's mission is to break boundaries and facilitate cross-cultural communication

One of FLOAT’s notable initiatives is the annual Piano Day events, which have been held in London since 2016 and Melbourne since 2021. These multidisciplinary concert experiences bring together open-minded artists to explore fresh ideas and collaborations in a safe and supportive environment.FLOAT takes an artist-centric approach to all of its projects, and prides itself on its ability to draw out the best in both emerging and established artists. Sofia Ilyas, who previously ran PR/Marketing at the label Erased Tapes, has led successful campaigns for artists such as Nils Frahm, Kiasmos, and A Winged Victory For The Sullen.

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The challenge

Transforming FLOAT's brand into a minimalistic, dark-mode design while maintaining visual appeal and ensuring optimal user experience

When approached by FLOAT, the objective was to revamp their brand, logo, and website with a minimalistic and dark-mode design. Understanding the importance of creating a visually striking and user-friendly online presence, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign process to align FLOAT's identity with their desired aesthetic.

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The solution

We translated the new brand identity into a fully redesigned website

By infusing FLOAT's minimalistic, dark-mode redesign into their brand, logo, and website, we delivered a refreshed visual identity that exuded sophistication, tranquility, and elegance. The result was an impactful online presence that resonated with FLOAT's target audience and effectively communicated their unique offerings and brand values.


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