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Life on the mat

Web design
Life on the matLife on the mat
About the project

The name "LifeOnTheMat" was chosen to encapsulate the core values of the brand, with the yoga mat as a symbolic space

In collaboration with the client, we embarked on a journey to develop the brand identity for LOTM (LifeOnTheMat), a concept that symbolizes a breath of fresh air and empowers individuals to feel fully present in their bodies. The essence of LOTM is rooted in the belief that life is a continuous learning process, and it embraces this philosophy through the practice of yoga and mindful movement.

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The challenge

A creative process that aimed to capture the essence of self-discovery, mindfulness, and yoga practice

The podcast landscape is changing. Networks are consolidating rapidly at the expense of the creator’s independence. It’s increasingly difficult for independent creators to compete. Original thinkers are exploited, diluted, and muted when their stories should be nurtured, shared, and scaled. This challenge triggered Market Enginuity to hire Motto®. Together, we created Soundrise.

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The solution

Translating the brand identity into a captivating website with careful consideration of user experience, aesthetics, and functionality

Throughout the process of developing the brand identity for LOTM, we collaborated closely with the client, ensuring that the visual elements and messaging aligned seamlessly with their vision and values. By crafting a brand identity that encapsulated the essence of self-exploration, learning, and mindful movement, we created a powerful platform that resonated with individuals seeking personal growth, self-discovery, and a more conscious way of living through yoga and mindful practices.

Life on the mat

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