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About the project

A brand new concept in men's grooming

Neon Black, a hair studio based in London, curate their brand partnerships, enabling them to offer a more exclusive experience to their clients, ranging from carefully selected refreshments to premium in-store products. Every aspect has been thoughtfully considered with their clients in mind. Their commitment to ongoing training ensures that they maintain the highest level of skill and knowledge to deliver exceptional service.

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The challenge

We employed a design strategy that utilized big rectangular shapes on a grid

When undertaking the task of designing a website for Neon Black, our objective was to create a visually captivating online platform that embodied the essence of the brand. With a color palette centered around black and neon, we aimed to infuse a vibrant and edgy energy into the website.

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The solution

In addition to the aesthetic aspects, we prioritized user experience by ensuring intuitive navigation and accessibility

By combining the black and neon color palette, big rectangular shapes on the grid, and captivating compositions, we successfully translated Neon Black's brand identity into a visually dynamic and engaging website. The design choices made throughout the process aimed to reflect the studio's edgy and contemporary style, creating an online presence that captured the essence of Neon Black and enticed visitors to explore their hair services further.


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